Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crazy life!

O.K. so I have not posted in a while(sorry) but I have been totally engrossed in trying to buy a house and getting use to the fact that I am preggo for the 4th time! Granted this was planned but now I am beginning to reliza that it is really happening. So I have been looking at houses non stop and working-it does not help that it is December and my sons B-day is on the 10th and of course Christmas.
Anywho, as far as my hair goes I was having some hair breakage issues and hair was shedding like crazy. I used the Mizani night time treatment everynight for like a week and it kinda helped. I think that it is breaking because I am stretching and have so much new growth(this is my first time stretching). Yesterday I washed and cond. and decided to blowdry for the first time in months because I was tired and needed to wake up early for work, well my hair responded well and was very soft and straight. I proceeded to wrap my hair and put on a silk scarf after mouisterizing. I woke the next morning and combed it into a pinup with almost no shedding or breakage! I think that the heat actually helped, anywho gotta go for now.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Pregnancy and hair loss.

1st let me start by saying happy belated Thanksgiving!and 2 sorry I haven't posted the last couple of days but I am having serious hair issues. I just foung out I was preggo about 1 week ago yah! and around that time I also noticed that my hair was coming out way more than usual when I was styling it, well it has continued and I hope it is due to the pregnanct. I have done some searches and it seems that this is common and that most people reccomend incresing the amout times you D/C every week, I am sitiing under the dryer D/Cing now.

I have not forgot about the henna tutorial, i've just been busy with like, but it will be up up for everyone to see soon.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I luv this stuff! Well at first I didn't. I tryed this first on my freshly relaed hair and I was not impressed and pushed this product to the rear of my arsenal. I decided to try this again about 4 weeks post relaxer when I had a lot of new growth and let me tell you it was great! My new growth was very soft and manageble. I highly reccomend this producy on new growth but not so much for a fresh relaxer.

Product: Silicon Mix

Catagory: Mild protien/conditioner

Price: 4.99 and up

Availability: Few beauty supply shops and mainly on-line

Rating: 3/4 stars

Henna info

Hello to all of you out in cyberspace. I completed the tutorial for showing how to apply henna last night but I am having, trouble uploading it from my video camera to my laptop my husband is working on this though. I taped the process of applying the henna to short hair(my son) and shoulder length myself. I am actually still finishing my hair as I type this, I am sitting under the dryer doing a silk wrap. I hope to have the tutorial up and running soon! Thanks for ypur patience on this.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Henna Tutorial: Part 1- Mixing your Henna.

Saran wrap
Lemon juice
Apple cider vinegar
Cayenne pepper
Ground cloves
Henna 0.25 lbs

This is the Henna before adding any extras.

Cayenne pepper added.

Parika added.

Ground cloves added

2-3 tablespoons of (ACV) mixed in.

Bottled lemon juice added, enough to make the henna like lumpy mashed potatoes. Basically making sure all the Henna is saturated. I then added enough water to make it cake batter consistency.

Finished product.

Piece of paper placed, so I can monitor color release. It should start turning orange as the dye releases.

Henna covered with saran wrap with all the air pushed out.

Henna floating in a warm bath for about a half-hour(This is supposed to speed up dye release)
after this I put the Henna under my sink and let it sit for around 24 hours. The time you let your Henna sit depends on the type of Henna and what you are trying to achieve, for strengthening only you do not need to let it sit, but if you want color you will want it to sit for a longer time.

This is the end of my tutorial stay tuned for the application of the Henna in Henna Tutorial Part 2.

P.S. I do use olive oil and conditioner; however, I add it in before applying.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Hello everyone I thought I would just post real quick and say happy Saturday to everyone. I am in the process of making my henna tutorial starting with the first part which is showing everyone how to mix your Henna. I know that mixing Henna sounds easy and really it is, but my first time I was kinda like am I doing this right? So this is why I am trying to do my tutorials step by step. I will be doing this this afternoon. I have not decided though whether I will post one piece at a time or post the whole tutorial at once? If you have any suggestions of preference on this please leave me a comment and let me know. I also have new products that I need to try so I will be trying some of these out today because today is my wash day. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday..


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Product: Aussie MOIST conditioner
Catagory: Conditioner
Price: 3.99
Availability: widely available at local drug stores and grocery stores.
My review: I used this product on a whim the other day and thought that it would be a mediocre conditioner, Boy was I wrong! From the moment I put this stuff in my hair I was in love, it made my hair feel so soft and silky and super mouisterized! I immediately let my husband know that he was no longer allowed to use this conditioner and that he would now need to use a different cheapie conditioner.
Rating:4/4 stars