Friday, November 23, 2007

Pregnancy and hair loss.

1st let me start by saying happy belated Thanksgiving!and 2 sorry I haven't posted the last couple of days but I am having serious hair issues. I just foung out I was preggo about 1 week ago yah! and around that time I also noticed that my hair was coming out way more than usual when I was styling it, well it has continued and I hope it is due to the pregnanct. I have done some searches and it seems that this is common and that most people reccomend incresing the amout times you D/C every week, I am sitiing under the dryer D/Cing now.

I have not forgot about the henna tutorial, i've just been busy with like, but it will be up up for everyone to see soon.

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Anti Hair Slave said...

Hey...I like your blog. I see that you're an RN, I'm a student nurse currently so far I love it. Anyway just wanted to tell you that I like your blog.