Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been slacking but here are my progress pics.

I started my hair affair in September 2007 after a long and damageing relationship with my microbraids. I would get the braids put in and then leave them up 3 months and take them down by cutting them out!! All the while cutting my real hair with it. I did this for years, now don't get me wrong braids can be good if you know how to take care of them but I did not, so one day after I had taken down my braids I decided to search the web for some ideas on how to take care of hair. I stumbled upon LongHairCareForum and I was home thanks to this site I have seen the light.


Braids4Gro said...

Man that is crazy growth from September until now! I looked at this picture before... I think on your fotki and was amazed. What ever you are doing girl keep doing it. What products are you using? Also I am a faithful wearer of micros and I get very frustrated when its time to take them down because of them darn knots! I recently purchased one of those unbraider things and it works okay. Also I am loving this blog!

Silvergirl said...

great growth!