Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My first Henna

O.K. so I did my first henna and love it! I mixed red henna which I got from my local co-op and it was 10.00 a lb. I filled two baggies .25 lbs each and it was like 5 something. I only used one bag for my head and enough to do my sons head because he wants red hair, (he's mixed and has dirty blonde curly hair) Anywho I used-
Henna red
bottled lemon juice
little water
bout 1/2 cup cheapie cond
2 tablespoons of EVOO
I let the dye release for 24 hours and applied it all over my head and covered it with saran wrap, covered with plastic cap, covered with scarf, and, covered with a bonnet and went to sleep. The next morning I filled my bathtub and hung my hair in the water and moved it side to side and it came out of my hair with ease! I then got in the shower and cond. and got the rest out and I did an ACV rinse to lock in the color and keep it from bleeding.
I then applied silicon mix to towel dried hair with jojba oil and then I added some miss keys 10 en 1. I let this sit under a shower cap for 3 hours while I watched my stories. I rinsed my hair used aussie moist cond.and got out. I then put in my leave-ins and heat protectent and dried under the dryer. I then flatironed my hair the first time in a while and then I wrapped it and did a silk wrap under the dryer and that was it.Now I like the color and I know it is supposed to get darker over like three days, but I would like to know how to get the final result redder?

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